Open Letter

Poem by Luisa A. Igloria Photo: Harvesting pineapples in Hawaii around 1940; courtesy of the Center for Labor Education & Research, University of Hawaii at West Oahu
Poem by Luisa A. Igloria
Photo: Harvesting pineapples in Hawaii around 1940; courtesy of the Center for Labor Education & Research, University of Hawaii at West Oahu

Originally from Baguio City, Luisa A. Igloria now makes her home in Virginia, USA with most of her family. She is a Professor of Creative Writing and English, and from 2009-2015 was Director of the MFA Creative Writing Program at Old Dominion University.

Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and journals including New England Review, The Common, Poetry, Crab Orchard Review, The Missouri Review, Indiana Review, Poetry East, Umbrella, Sweet, qarrtsiluni, poemeleon, Smartish Pace, Rattle, The North American Review, Bellingham Review, Shearsman (UK), PRISM International (Canada), Poetry Salzburg Review (Austria), The Asian Pacific American Journal, and TriQuarterly.



2 thoughts on “Open Letter

  1. We don’t like the guy over here in Scotland either, even though he’s half Scottish. We tend not to like bigmouths, and that’s that. But I have to keep reminding many of my American friends that the main reason he won was that the major alternative candidate failed to convince enough people in the right places. Yes, I know she garnered more votes overall, but it wasn’t enough to defeat the system. That’s what made the number of people who (apparently) voted against their own interests stand out. My right-wing friends (I have a few) say they voted for Trump because he’s an outsider; I wish Trump’s major opponents had realised that being a (relative) outsider had been a factor in the initial appeal of Barack Obama, then they would be less mystified, less inclined to wring their hands rather than rolling up their sleeves.

    I am a friend, almost a lover, of the USA – who could not love somewhere so diverse and dynamic? – despite or maybe because of my deep criticism of the political system there. My critique is from the libertarian-left/anarchist point of view (think Chomsky, Bookchin, but less intellectual, more grass-roots, you’ll be close) and I believe too many people are blind to the flaws of the system, to ready to believe that it represents ‘democracy’ simply because the powers-that-be have hegemonised the definition of that word.*

    But anyway, to heck with all this, how about Luisa Igloria’s poem? Well, it held me all the way through. And it had me searching YouTube for Elizabeth Ramsey singing ‘Proud Mary’. That was its least accomplishment. I found it very powerful. Thank you for sharing it today.

    Marie Marshall
    by Dundee, Scotland

    *The Six Iroquois Nations practiced democracy before the European incomers had even heard of the word; when George Washington swept the Six Nations aside, he swept aside democracy and it has never returned. IMHO.


    1. Thank you, Marie. Glad you enjoyed reading Luisa’s poem. You raised many valid points. We hope you consider submitting your work to CURIOUS in the future!

      The late Elizabeth Ramsey has a daughter who is also a performer now. Her name is Jaya and here is a link to a video of mother and daughter performing. what else? but Proud Mary. There’s a lot of naughty Filipino banter but the real singing starts at about 5 minutes into the video 🙂


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